fiber optic cables, satellite  technology
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Introduction to Telecommunication Network

Here you will learn about telecommunication network, telephone exchange, fiber otpic cables, communication devices, satellite communication and data communication. Communication of the data (fax, computer), voice (telephone, mobile phones) and video (video conferencing, web conferencing) over a large distance through a medium such as fiber optics, internet and radio waves is known as telecommunication.

There are a number of the telecommunication systems in the world that work in the different forms. Most of the telecommunication systems of the world are connected with each other through satellite to form a big network. Telecommunication is the process of sending and receiving the electrical signals over all large distance. This is the process of communicating the data and information such as voice, data, video, audio and graphics.


There are certain mediums of a telecommunication system such as coaxial cable, fiber optics, radio frequency and air etc. The modern telecommunication system involves all the telecommunication technologies such as computer networking, broadcasting, mobile communication, internet, VOIP, cable television and satellite communication systems. A telecommunication network is a network of nodes and links and the communication signals passes through one link to another.


A telecommunication system builds a hierarchical transmission system in which signals are transferred from node to node and till they reach their destinations. A computer network, public switched telephone network, TELEX and internet are also involved in the telecommunication system. Telecommunication technology has provided the ease of connecting and communicating with the remote areas of a country.

A telecommunication system is designed by the telecommunication engineers and due to the invention of the fiber optic cables; more bandwidth is available for the data transfer and communications. There are three main components involves in the telecommunication system i.e. transmitter, medium, receiver. A transmitter sends the information in the form of electrical signals through a medium and receives takes the information and converts it in the readable form. Modulation is the process of shaping, processing and sending the communication signals. This function is carried out by a device known as modem.

Modem is used to coverts the digital signals to analog and analog signals to digital signals. There are many advanced technologies devices and protocols that are associated with the telecommunication technology such as routers, switches, ISDN lines, fiber optic cables, socket programming, X.25 and many other technologies. A telephone exchange is a hub of the telecommunication system and through the telephone exchange we are connected with the internet and we are able to transmit the voice, data, video and other forms of the communication signals. A computer network when covers the broad shape known as WAN.

In wide area networking, a computer can communication with another computer over a very large distance even across the country. The advancements in the telecommunication industry bringing the many advantages to the mankind and now we are connected with the remote areas of our country where access was not so easy than before. Computer networking technology also bringing the revolutionary changes in one’s life and now we can talk and see with other with video conferencing, web conferencing, voice chat and video chat. Now we can even listen and see the movements of the astronauts when they walk through the space with the telecommunication system.


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