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What is System Analysis?

System analysis is a process of analyzing the system where two tasks are must performed. It’s a method of modeling the information system by prototyping, evaluation, interviewing, using data flow diagrams and through software engineering and observing the physical environment. 

Through standard, architecture and process of the System Analysis and Design, the software are controlled and managed. System analysis and design is important for the business analysts, software engineers, team leaders, web developers and the quality control professionals.


System Analyst Job Description

System analyst is responsible for evaluating the business procedures and problems in an organization, implementing the computer based system in an organization by studying their requirements, cost, feasibility and the specifications.

System analyst can also describe the best migration strategy from the old software system, control the complex behavior of the software applications, ensure high quality results, manage data in multi-tier web based environment, creating congruent designs, profiling the organization, develop normalization techniques and design computer information system by observing the physical environment of an organization. After analysts understand the system, they break down them into the smaller steps.










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