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Top 20 Features in Windows 2000 Professional

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional is a network operating system.  The basic look and feel of the Windows 2000 is very similar to the Windows 2000 Professional. 

Setup Manager

Setup Manager provides a graphic interface to the users to make installation scripts.

Faster Multitasking

It allows user to run multiple programs and perform different tasks such as browsing, listening music, downloading and working on the files at the same time.  In Multitasking 32-bit architecture.



It assists users to troubleshoot, optimize and configure a lot of functionalities of Windows 2000 Professional, which results in greater performance and greater productivity.

Personalized Menu

It adapts the start menu to show the applications that you most work on.


Encrypting File System

With EFS each file can be encrypted with the randomly generated key.  The encryption and decryption features provide a security layer to the files and folders.

IP Security Support

IPSEC is a security protocol that protects the data over the network.  In Virtual Private Networks, IPSEC plays an important role in securely transmitting the data to the remote location through internet.


Microsoft Management Console

MMC provides centralized environment for the management tools and you can access MMC by typing “MMC” at the run.  You can configure a lot of programs and objects through MMC


Intellimirror provides enhanced access to the information and software. Intellimirror technology is useful for the mobile computer users.  Intellimirror requires Windows 2000 server to run and the offline feature enables users to work on their important files when the network connections are unavailable.

Group Policy

Group policy feature of the Windows 2000 Professional operating system enables the System/Network Administrators to define rules about security, desktop settings, application settings and user rights.  Group policy works with the active directory and it requires Windows 2000 Server.


Hibernation is a very useful utility in Windows 2000 Professional and when you re-activate/turn on your computer hibernation restores your programs without losing your data.


Synchronization makes your files and folders updated by comparing the files and folders on the network server.

Offline Viewing

Offline Viewing feature in Windows 2000 Professional makes entire web pages including graphics for offline view when internet is not available.

Plug and Play

More than 65,000 devices support this functionality and it is used for installing the new hardware without the minimum configurations and work at the user end.

Auto Correct

Auto Correct feature automatically corrects the URL conventions such as http, com, and .org errors.

Automated Proxy

Automated proxy feature in Windows 2000 Professional automatically locate the proxy server on the network and connect to the internet through that proxy server.

Internet Connection Sharing

ICS or Internet Connection Sharing connects your home of office computer to the internet through the Dial-Up or broadband internet connection such as DSL, Cable Net etc.

Net Meeting

With Net Meeting Conferencing software you can have real time online chat, teleconferencing with the people throughout the world.


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