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Network troubleshooting means recognizing, diagnosing and isolating the problems in a computer network.  It’s the primary responsibility of the network administrators to maintain the computer network, fault management, network security, monitoring, resources allocation and maintaining the performance.  There are a number of free built-in utilities in the Windows based operating systems and these utilities are used to diagnose and fix the problem such as “PING”, which is a built-in utility in the TCP/IP protocols stacks.  The other useful utilities are HOSTNAME, IPCONFIG, NBTSTAT, NSLOOKUP, TRACERT and NETSTAT.


Sometimes the problems in a network are complicated and can’t easily be diagnosed.  So in this situation there must be a good troubleshooting and diagnostic tool to solve the problem. Following list provides some of the best LAN/WAN troubleshooting and diagnostic tools.


LAN Troubleshooting Software

Network Analyzer

This tool is provided for free by the Agilent Technologies.  The standard edition of this software provides the full analysis of the IP and IPX traffic on the number of Window based platforms with standard LAN cards.


Network Troubleshooting Analyzer 6.3

It is an advanced packet analysis and sniffing tool with the protocol decodes capabilities for TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, TELNET and FT.  It captures and analyzes all the traffic transport over the Ethernet and WLAN networks.  This software also includes the real time packet capturing, reconstructing TCP/IP sessions, capture POP3 and SMTP emails, trace TCP/IP connection states, monitor bandwidth usage and supports multiple monitors, Telnet servers and wireless infrastructure.

GFI LAN Guard/Network Security Scanner

GFI LAN Guard is an award winning tool that provides multiple solutions to troubleshot, scan detect and handle the security vulnerabilities in your computer network.  The three basic features of this software are the vulnerability management, patch management and detecting the security vulnerabilities. GFI LAN Guard helps the IT administrators to secure their networks more efficiently.

Network Packet Analyzer

Network Packet Analyzer is an advanced network monitoring, analyzing, management and reporting tool for the Windows based network.  It analyzes and monitors the traffic over the Ethernet and WLAN.  Its advanced application analysis modules allow you to log the communication applications such http traffic, instant messages, emails and DNS queries.

Easy Network Service Monitor

This software is developed by Javvin Company and the main features of this software are the application monitoring, fault management, network management, network performance monitoring and reporting.

Adventnet Simulation Toolkit

Adventnet Simulation toolkit includes agent simulator and network simulator for testing and managing the network applications.  This tool enables simulations of TFTP, FTP, SNMP and IOS devices.

Netstat Agent

Netstat Agent is a powerful tool that is used for monitoring the internet connections.  It displays and monitors all the TCP and UDP connections and it also displays the country information of the remote IP, and open computer ports.  Netstat is a set of commands like ping, ipconfig, route, tracert, arp and netstat.

Active Network Monitor

Active Network Monitor is used to monitor the performance of the computer in a network.  It can be installed and run under Windows XP, 2000 Professional, NT and Windows ME computers.  This tool also provides the feature of storing and comparing the data.

Cisco CDP Monitor

Cisco CDP monitor is an efficient computer network troubleshooting, monitoring and diagnostic tool and is very useful for the network administrators.


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