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Mobile Tracking System

Today mobile communication devices have become technologically advance and provide multiple features such as voice conversation, video chats, SMS, internet usage and tracking system.  Cell phones constantly broadcast radio signals and the mobile phone companies have been able to trace the near about location of the lost mobile. Mobile phone tracking system is a new technology and it can work with any standardized handset that supports GSM networks. 


All mobile phones are constantly in touch with the nearest mobile phone towers and boosters to maintain a good reception of the signals.  The integration of the GPS chips into the cell phones has made this possible to track a cell phone more accurately. GSM mobile phone tracking system is cheaper than the GPS satellite tracking system.


GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite tracking system has been used for the number of the years by the cars and road transport industry.  GSM mobile phone tracking system don’t show exactly where your mobile is but it shows you the radius of the place where it is likely to be placed.  The accuracy depends on the number of factors such as landscape, network coverage and the weather conditions.


The best accuracy provided by the GPS satellite system is up to 50 to 100 meters, which is almost nearest your lost vehicle but in case of mobile phones the accuracy is not exact as GPS systems.

Setting up tracking system in your mobile is very easy and today a large number of the mobile carriers throughout the world provide this feature to their subscribers.  There are different registration methods offered by the mobile phone companies.  Some are subscription based and others are pre-pay credits based.  Cell phone GPS tracking system is very useful for the business persons and the people who want to track their fleets.  Using GPS enabled cell phone can be used to navigation device, you can calculate the speed and the estimated arrival time.

Cell phone GPS devices are also very useful in locating the whereabouts of your children.  Recently a shoe company shoe company designed a special pair of shoes, which has GPS chips.  Children with GPS enabled shoes can easily be located.

There is a best technology called Timing Advanced Chip, which is best fitted with the GPS chip and it provides and accuracy about 300%. With the advancements in the tracking system perhaps very soon the lost mobile phones will be a thing of past.

Mobile Phone/GPS Tracking Requirements

  • You need to have a GPS tracking device it could be your mobile phone or dedicated GPS tracking devices that is setup in your vehicle.
  • You must have Java & internet supported mobile phones for tracking the GPS devices.
  • For the GPS devices you must have subscription plans of 1 MB data transmission per month, SIM card (For GSM network).  GPS device should support the GPRS and IP protocols.

 Practical Usage & Features

    With the help of GPS devices children can be located.
    • GPS provides emergency road side assistance from your vehicle.
    • Find lost pets.
    • Find correction directions to reach the time sensitive destinations.
    • You can easily track your lost car, cell phone and freight etc.
    • No infrastructure is required at the user end for using the Global Positioning System.
    • Automatic discovery of the vehicles on the easy to understand road maps.
    • Travel GPS are used to track the travel activities of the vehicles.
    • Make global friends.
    • Keep a collection of your favorite hot spots, destinations and sceneries that are not listed in the travel guides.


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