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Sun Solaris Server Administration

Sun Solaris operating systems are supported on the Intel x86 and SPARC platforms and it provides the stability, security and high performance. Sun OS is used to support the complex computing applications, enterprise networks, distributed computing and the data warehouses. To keep your computer network healthy, secure, to get the maximum uptime and to reduce the overall operational cost in the IT infrastructure certain administrative techniques tasks are need to be implemented.

Sun Solaris Server administration includes the management of the client/server relationship, network management, errors management, resources sharing on the NFS server and client, adding users, setting up partitions, domains and name server configurations, disk management and using the certain administrative tools to configure, maintain and troubleshoot the network.



Command line interface is one of the best options for performing the administrative tasks for the Sun Solaris operating system.  By using the administrative commands, you can perform any kind of task. The two major security threats to the Solaris operating systems are the unauthorized access from the local area network and the intruders and hacker’s attack from the internet. To protect your Solaris operating system from the internet and external threats and the other vulnerabilities, you need to implement the following security techniques.


Security Management

  • Install the Latest Patches

Install the latest security patches of the Solaris operating system, which are required to deal with the security bugs at the real time.  You can download the latest security patches by using this Perl script “patchk”

  • Stop Unnecessary Services

In most of the case certain SUN OS services are not required.  Evaluate your system requirements and you need to identify and stop these services.  Also you need to identify and stop the unused network services.

  • System File /etc/system

To prevent the buffer overflow that leads to the execution of the certain malicious codes on your machine, you need to following lines in the /etc/system file.

set noexec_user_stack=1
set noexec_user_stack_log=1

  • Root Kit

In some cases, hackers change some files to gain control as a super administrator.  With pkgchk command, you can check if the following files have been changed.


If you notice errors, while accessing these files, this means that your system has been compromised.  The best possible solution to deal with this problem is to do a fresh installation of your Solaris OS.

SunLink Server Software

For performing the administrative tasks on the Solaris operating systems, you need to install the SunLink Server software.  SunLink Server software is a set of Solaris operating environment services that provide the highly scalable, reliable and powerful tasks through the Windows, Windows NT and mixed client environment.  SunLink provides the user manager, server manger, event viewer, system policy editor and number of other features.

You can manage all the aspects of the SunLink server administration.  Among the most common administrative tasks are domain configuration, policy configuration, logon and logoff, event management, database management, NETBIOS, printing, server startup and shutdown and many other administrative tasks.  It also offers many command line interfaces to performing all the administrative tasks.


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