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Computer is the need of every business in the world. Computer science is the systematic study of the information and the computing systems and their implementation. There are different subjects and departments in computer science such as software development, object oriented programming, computer networking, web development, computer hardware, operating systems, robotics, quantum computing, databases, software engineering, artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, computer graphics, data structures and data communication systems etc. Computer science is a widely readable subject in all over the world.

There are literally a large number of the categories in the computer science field. Following is the general overview of the main categories of computer technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence involves science and engineering to make intelligent machines and robots. It also makes the computer to work with the capabilities of human intelligence.


Computer programming is the process of creating, writing, testing and maintaining the instructions in the form of codes that computers understand and execute


Web Development

Web development is a broad term that covers analyzing, implementing and creating web pages that are accessible on the World Wide Web. This covers the web design, graphic design, programming, serve administration, database management, content management, testing and deployment.


Computer Networking

Computer networking is the process of sharing information and resources between two or more computers in Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network or Wide Area Network. Computer networking is very important subject and is essential for the smooth and flexible working of every business in the world.

Database Management

Database Management System is the process of storing, modifying and retrieving the information for analysis, reports and record transactions.

Computer Hardware

There are two main types of components in a computer i.e. computer hardware and computer software. The physical component in a computer is known as computer hardware. Computer hardware devices perform computation, logical functions, communication, control and storage.


Cryptography is a field of computer science that deals with methods of the transformation of data for preventing it from the unauthorized use.

Operating Systems

The operating system in a computer is software that acts as a platform for the other software and applications to perform their functions. Operating system controls every task of the computer. The most famous operating systems are Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris and Apple Talk etc.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is process in which systematic methods of engineering and computer science, applications and procedures are used to design computer software.

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is the filed of computer science that deals with the graphical representations of the data in the various forms such as pie, charts, histograms, bars and 3D-modelling etc.

Data Communication

Data communication is the process of transmission of the digital data in a network.


Robotics is a self-contained, electrical, electronic, electromechanical mechanical or artificial agent or device.


Computer security is the protection of the computer data and information from viruses, spyware, web worms, unauthorized access and hackers.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management is the process of controlling the access to copyrighted material.


E-Marketing is process of creating, distributing, promoting and pricing the services and goods to a targeted market around the world through internet and digital technologies.

IT Management

IT management system is a discipline of managing the information technology systems in an organization.






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