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What is Network Standardization

Computer networking is a great way of connecting the computers and sharing data with each other.  There are many vendors that produce different hardware devices and software applications and without coordination among them there can be chaos, unmanaged communication and disturbance can be faced by the users. There should be some rules and regulations that all the vendors should adopt and produce the devices based on those communication standards. 


The network standards allow different computers from different vendors to communicate with each by following some common rules. 

  • The standards allow the computers to communicate with each others.
  • Increases the market for the products that adhere to the standards.
  • Facilitate the users by providing standardized communications.


The network standards are the open standards that are administered the standards organizations. ISO is a voluntary organization that was founded in 1946. ISO makes the standards for the network communications and other computing and mobile technologies.  There is another organization known Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  IEEE mostly makes the standards for the electrical interfaces.


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