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LAN Topologies

LAN stands for Local Area Network and it covers small geographical area.  It connects computers and network devices in a room or building.  It offers the data transfer, communications and the resources sharing between the users in a home or office network.  In the LAN, the computers are arranged with the specific layout or design, which is known as topology.


In computer networking, topology refers to the physical layout, design or the arrangement of the computers.  There are many topologies like Bus, Start, Mesh, Hybrid and Tree.  All these topologies constitute different types of computer networks.  The topologies are classified into the three types such as physical, logical and signal topologies. The network topologies include the following.


In the Bus topology the computers are connected along with the linear and open ended cable. Data travels from one computer to another and If a computer fails to work, all the other computers stop communication.  There are two types of the Bus topology i.e. linear bus and the distributed bus.



Star topology is the most commonly used topology in the Ethernet network. In the star topology, every computer is directly connected with the hub or switch and if a computer fails to work it does not affect the other computers.  Star topology is reliable, inexpensive and dominant topology in LAN.

A Mesh topology or mesh network is a type of computer network in which computers and devices are arranged with many redundant interconnections.  If one device fails to work, then the communication can be reinstated by some alternative ways. 

Mesh topology joins with other type of topologies to form hybrid topology.  Mesh networks use extra devices are cables so it is not ideal in the Ethernet networks.  There are two types of Mesh topologies Full Mesh topology and Partial mesh topology.


Tree topology is the common type of network topology that is similar to the bus and start topology.  Tree topology consists of star configured nodes and these nodes are connected with the switches and concentrators.    It provides the point to point wiring between individual computers. 

Tree joins different star networks and forms a tree. In case of failure of the transmission line link between the two segments the communication fails however the computers in the individual segment still communicates with each other.


In the hybrid topology, two or topologies are combined together to make hybrid topology.


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