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Quality of Service Networking

QoS or Quality of service refers to the set of computer network technologies that is used to manage the computer network traffic in the home and corporate networks in the cost effective way.   It is applied in the computer network to resolve different types of performance related problems. QoS is the capability that provides the better service to the network traffic over LAN, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET and IP network based traffic.


It provides dedicated bandwidth, traffic control in the small and enterprise networks.  QoS provides the better flow of data.  It identifies the outbound and inbound traffic and prioritizes the certain types of traffic.


Network traffic categorized based on the IP address, protocol and the port numbers.  QoS ensures the delivery of the critical data in a timely manner.  QoS controls the delay, errors, uptime and the bandwidth to provide the best services.


QoS is important for the distributed and the new generation network and internet applications such as VOIP, teleconferencing, video conferencing and video on demand.

It prioritizes the network traffic to control the flow of traffic and make the users happier.  A network monitoring system must be used with the Qos to ensure that the network is performing well at the desired level. 

QoS is used to improve the network behavior, control the flow of traffic and increase the network utilization. 

To apply the Qos make sure that your network is well designed, sustainable and properly configured.

With QoS you can classify, prioritize and control the traffic by ensuring that your critical users, members, network applications and the servers are receiving the maximum bandwidth.


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